Overview of the Bluescape Portal
  • Updated on 11 Jun 2020
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Overview of the Bluescape Portal

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As a user, the Bluescape portal is the first page you see when you log in to your account. It displays a list of all the workspaces you can access as well as administrative details about your Organization.

If you are an administrator, it is where you can manage other users and perform various administrative tasks.

Your Workspaces

The Workspaces page of the portal displays all of the workspaces you have access to. It is the first page that loads after logging in as a non-administrator user. The workspaces display in list format by default, but can be toggled to display a card format by clicking the  (Card) icon and  (List) icon, respectively.

From the Workspaces page, you can perform some or all of the following tasks, depending on your user permissions, owner rights, and/or user role:

  • Search workspaces using keywords
  • Sort and filter workspaces
  • Mark workspaces as "starred"
  • Edit Workspace Settings
  • View and/or add collaborators
  • Enter the workspace
  • Send the workspace to a Wall
  • Publish the workspace
  • Duplicate the workspace
  • Delete or archive the workspace
  • Contact Bluescape Support

Multi-Selecting Workspaces

You can select multiple workspaces in the portal to move, archive, or delete them all at once.

To multi-select workspaces in the portal:

  1. Click on a workspace in the list to select it.
    Note: If you click on the workspace name, it will open in another tab. To avoid this, click the space below the workspace name in the row.
  2. Press the Ctrl or Control key (on a PC or Mac, respectively).
  3. Click on as many other workspaces in the list as you want. They will be highlighted blue.
  4. Click the move, archive, or delete icon at the top of the screen.
    Each workspace is then moved, archived, or deleted depending on your action.
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